Joie de Vivre Jan 2019

"Good Hope Singers will take you on a joyful ride of the wonderment in life in the Joie de Vivre (Joy of Life) charity concert...

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Our Past Precious Memories



"The Caring Organization"「同心展關懷」Award 2018

AGAIN, Good Hope Singers have been awarded the Caring Organization Logo for the 8th consecutive year! We are awarded again in recognition of our efforts to promote corporate social responsibility.

Join Us

We invite all past members of the Good Hope School Choir to share in our mission of supporting the Hong Kong community by joining us.

Maintaintaining the reputation of Good Hope School

We would also like to thank those who have highlighted the need to maintain the untarnished reputation that Good Hope School has established over many decades in Hong Kong.

Our charitable organization, Good Hope Singers Limited, is formed under the Companies Ordinance. Our Certificate of Incorporation was issued on 23rd Dec 2009.