"The Caring Organization" 「同心展關懷」 Award 2018

Congratulation!!! Good Hope Singers Ltd. has been awarded with 5 years+ "Caring Organization" 「同心展關懷」 to recognise our effort in community service !!

The 5 Years Plus Caring Organization Logo is a recognition for corporations for their work in taking up corporate social responsibility in caring for the community through collaboration with non-profit-making NGOs. These years, we worked with Heep Hong Society in funding their Music Therapy programmes and volunteering at their training centres, bringing music and joy to children. Good Hope Singers shared the stage with visually impaired singers to perform in “Let Us Shine”, a charity concert in 2016, to raise funds to purchase piano books especially written for the visually impaired for donation to the Hong Kong Society for the Blind and to Ebenezer School. We also have fundraised for the Hong Kong Red Cross to support its Nepal Earthquake Relief in 2014 and Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami Relief in 2011. We recently made donations to Playright Children’s Play Association to provide support to children who are hospitalised.

We can only continue with our mission to serve the community with your participation and we hope to see you all in our forthcoming events!