Seasons of Love Concert Feb 2011

"Good Hope Singers all embraced with "Seasons of Love"!

Good Hope Singers welcomed over 1200 guests to the Concert Hall at the HK Cultural Centre on February 13, 2011. Despite the many difficulties we faced during the preparation stage, Good Hope Singers delivered one of our best performance ever with "Seasons of Love" on this Valentine's eve. We were all transformed on stage lifting the emotions of our guests and supporters with our singing. The many messages of encouragement we received made us all proud of our achievements. We managed to put on a good performance and raised fund for the children of the Heep Hong Society.

Our heartiest thanks to all those who have helped us; our guest conductors, Prof Chan Wing Wah, Prof Gabriel Leung, Mr Kiang, Mr Lim, to our guest pianist, Mr Stephen Wong, our guest organist, Mr Peter Yue, to our dedicated music teacher, Mrs Daisy Tai and to our Honorary President, Ms Nancy Yuen. Special thanks to Ms Shirley Bolen and Mr Alan Chu for rearranging the Chinese and English medleys for us, thanks to the Good Hope School choir for singing together with us and thanks to so many others whom we cannot all name here. THANK-YOU!

"Seasons of Love"! will not be possible without the enthusiasm and dedication from the members of Good Hope Singers, we DID it! "


Concert Program

Good Hope Singers in Action - Heep Hong Flag Day (Dec 4, 2010)

Good Hope Singers Caroling at Heep Hong (Dec 11, 2010)

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Cheque Presentation Ceremony to Heep Hong Society