Who We Are

Good Hope Singers are past members of the Good Hope School Choir who share the mission of serving our community while enjoying our singing.  We recognize that we have been richly endowed by our Good Hope education.  We also deeply appreciate the special gifts we have received through our choir training from our dedicated music teachers.  We are the fruits of many years of labour of love at Good Hope School that can be better shared for the larger good of the Hong Kong community.  We believe that with our passion in music directed at charitable works, we give a deeper meaning, not only to our singing, but also to our lives.  It is for these reasons that we have established Good Hope Singers as a charitable organization on 23rd Dec 2009. 

Formed under the auspices of our mother school and guided through the sponsorship efforts of Good Hope School Supervisor, Sr. Pauline Yuen, and Good Hope Primary School Principal, Sr. Lucia Leung, we are set to pursue the following objectives:

(1)  To promote and advance music education in Hong Kong at all levels;
(2)  To support the development of Hong Kong music talents;
(3)  To promote the Christian spirit of joy and thanksgiving and to share the love of God through music;
(4) To raise funds through music activities and give donations to designated charitable organizations; and
(5)  To support The Missionary Sisters of Immaculate Conception and Good Hope School in their charitable works.

To these ends, Good Hope Singers will be organizing concerts, producing studio or live recordings, setting up music scholarships and organizing other activities that promote music education in Hong Kong.  All proceeds received will be directed at charitable works or donated to other charitable organizations in Hong Kong.